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Sales Management Training

These training articles focus on sales leadership, sales management and management training. With two decades of experience delivering manager training programs, Shari brings results-driven techniques for effective sales management.

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How you can attract, retain and extend your relationship with customers

Patricia Fripp has been named “One of the most electrifying speakers in North America.” She specializes in helping you improve your presentation and make more sales. She’s an expert in all things sales, as you’ll see in one of her most popular blogs, below: How you can attract, retain and extend your relationship with customers... I'm always taken aback when someone asks me how much time I devote to marketing. Every single thing we do is marketing. Talking to strangers at seminars or group meetings or even in elevators or taxis is marketing. Customer service is part of marketing. I…
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5 Super Simple Strategies Managers Use to Hit Budget Every Time!

Sales management is a very demanding job, especially when you’re juggling the duties of hiring, training, motivating, babysitting and being an in-house psychologist. The only thing your boss notices, however, is whether or not you hit budget. Just as Cuba Gooding Jr. challenges Ray in Jerry McGuire to “show me the money,” your boss demands results. After studying hundreds of sales managers in diverse environments, here’s what all quota-busting managers have in common: