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Vengreso Announces Appointment of Shari Levitin as Advisory Board Member

People have resisted salespeople since the beginning of time. Just as salespeople have a default mode, prospects do, too. Their automatic response is to say, “No way, José.” Face it. People don’t want to be sold. This sentiment is increasing as we live more of our lives online. According to Terry Jones, founder of, 98% of all college students would rather purchase online. They avoid salespeople at all costs.
Shari Levitin Pitch PerfectNews-PR-Media

Shari Levitin to teach Pitch Perfect at the University of Utah

Shari Levitin, local entrepreneur and top sales expert, will teach “Pitch Perfect” to a select group of students. Students will observe and work alongside major companies such as Oracle, MarketStar and England Logistics to gain valuable hands-on experience not confined to the classroom. This highly interactive course consists of live and online training, individual and group assignments as well as an impressive roster of guest speakers.
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Lee Eisler and Shari Levitin Present “Your Authentic Voice”

Shari Levitin, entrepreneur, author and top sales, leadership and motivational speaker, has teamed up with Lee Eisler, lecturer at Stanford University and trainer of TED Speakers, to produce a course entitled: Your Authentic Voice—7 Elements of a Powerful Public Presentation. Shari Levitin is well known for Levitin Learning, a multi-million-dollar interactive training platform that engages people on multiple levels, saving money for companies and turning marginal sales personnel into super stars. “The beauty of teaming up with Lee is that we are able to bring new techniques and insights to our various clients. Over the years, Lee and I have…

Levitin Group Contracts with Simpson Bay Resort & Marina by Royal Resorts Caribbean

Levitin Group, the resort industry’s premier training and sales consulting company, has once again been tapped to provide sales performance seminars and online training programs for a resort in the tropics. Offering a series of unique and customizable training tools, seminars and services aimed at enhancing the integrity and profitability of the individual salesperson, Levitin Group is working with Simpson Bay Resort & Marina by Royal Resorts Caribbean to implement its exciting, proven tools for increasing success rates and refocusing the talents and energies of its sales team. “We’re busy here in St. Maarten,” says Jo Hill, who is consulting…

Shari Levitin Continues Expansion Beyond the Resort Industry

Watch Shari featured in the top sales magazine, “Sales Mastery”. Most salespeople are all too familiar with the stalls a customer gives when they are afraid to make a decision, such as: “Send me a proposal” “I’ll run it by my board” “We need to think about it” In an exclusive interview with Sales Mastery magazine, Shari Levitin explains why these excuses are a result of fear or a lack of trust, not a thoughtful decision process. These excuses often disguise the real objection. Attempting to answer an excuse is akin to hitting a hologram. You can keep smacking it and…

Legendary Preferred Destinations Latches on to Levitin Learning

Levitin Group, the timeshare industry’s premier training and sales consulting company, has been selected by Legendary Preferred Destinations to implement its online training program. Legendary Preferred Destinations currently markets and sells Hard Rock Hotel inventory in Punta Cana, Cancun, Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta. According to Norman McPherson, Corporate Sales Director of Legendary Preferred Destinations “we selected Levitin for a number of reasons. First, because they are so industry specific. We talked to a few other “sales training organizations” and none of them compared when it came to understanding our specific program. Secondly, with four different sales offices and concentrated…