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Named #1 B2B
Sales Speaker.

Shari has inspired the hearts & minds of top sales professionals all over the world for over 25 years.

World-Renowned Sales Trainer.

Shari has delivered her insightful, upbeat, and contagious spirit to over 4000 clients.

Heart & Sell
NEW "Heart & Sell Sales Certification"

Learn the same sales training taught in Harvard's “Professional Selling” Course

1,000+ videos. One powerful resource.

Levitin Learning is the premier platform for organizations looking to boost sales & retention.

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We need to rehumanize the
sales process.

You work hard—but are you working from the heart? The heart is the place where sales are made. There’s no hack, cheat or trick to selling more; no easy way around it. You have to make it personal. Shari can show you how.


Train your team to increase your quota without losing your soul.


Join the world's leading sales organizations.

Some of the world’s largest companies trust Shari to help increase sales management efficiency, provide effective sales training, and lift the performance and retention of their sales teams.

A HUGE thank you, THANK YOU. The feedback has been AWESOME!! Our team thanked me for choosing you and making this happen. You REALLY hit the mark with some tweaks from Senior Leadership, and you nailed it! I cannot thank you enough!!!

Christine McCarthyDell Technologies

Every KPI increased: Pipeline, win rate, deal size and time to close.

Donna LittleNuance Microsoft

Shari has been invaluable to our Harvard Professional Selling course. That’s why we’ve chosen her book, Heart and Sell, as our textbook. My students love her memorable stories and accessible insights. Shari has ‘rare talent’ (you have to hear this story!) for sales training and life training.

John WestmanHarvard Strategic Selling

Shari is one of the most dynamic and effective speakers of our day. I would highly recommend her to any organization.

Les BrownMotivational Speaker

We chose the Shari company because they’re agile, up-to-date and understand how to connect and add value to today’s more educated, overloaded, tech-savvy consumers. Our most seasoned and skeptical reps said it was the best training they’d had in years!

Jeanette MunroeSodexo

Unlock your full potential with top insights, training and frameworks from Shari.

In today's world, information is everywhere, information is easy to find. But is it the right information for your team? Shari’s curated resources put the right information in your hands, so you can start being more, doing more and selling more.

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The dynamo behind the Shari organization.

Shari Levitin is a passionate and wickedly funny speaker, author and sales strategy superstar. Her purpose? To transform the world of selling—and the world at large—through a heart-forward, radically human approach.


Presentations Given


Sales careers impacted


Presented in 40+ countries

Ready to join the human side of sales?

live with purpose. sell with heart. 

live with purpose. sell with heart. 

live with purpose. sell with heart.