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August Roundup What’s Trending at Levitin Group?

Over a year into the pandemic, and hybrid selling isn’t slowing down, it’s accelerating. And this is just the beginning. We're at an inflection point. A time when we must adapt the way we learn, do business, access customer needs, and create value. This past year has also taught us that so much more can be done remotely than we ever thought possible. Hybrid work is here to stay.” What Strategies Can You employ Now to ensure higher win rates, get larger deals and a more engaged team?  At Levitin Group we’ve adapted to virtual keynotes, shifted to providing 6-week…
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Three Temptations That Will Cost You Sales

I’ve never been much of a cook but what I do know is, if you follow the recipe for baking a cake exactly: voilà! A cake appears. It’s magic. Now if you leave out one ingredient, let’s say eggs or baking powder, or if you haphazardly add an ingredient (yes, I’ve done both), your cake simply won’t rise. Chefs, pilots, athletes and salespeople all need to follow a recipe… AKA a “process.” You probably know by now, that only when you stick to a consistent sales process can you expect consistent sales results. Without it, you give way to emotional…