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Sales Management Training

These training articles focus on sales leadership, sales management and management training. With two decades of experience delivering manager training programs, Shari brings results-driven techniques for effective sales management.

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Laser Focus

The last decade has been a gold rush of searching and gathering information on the Internet. Videos, news, personal information, and opinions are so prolific that the next decade will likely be more about filtering information than acquiring it. Consider Google Alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube. These tools are all methods of consolidating massive amounts of information into tiny bites that can hold our attention. Suddenly what we don’t pay attention to has become more important than what we do pay attention to.
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Anything that can be told can be asked. Don’t you think?

Our customers learn about our program and become comfortable with it by seeing and doing. Too many salespeople rattle off facts and attempt to educate their customers without visually and actively involving them. Rather than telling your customer a piece of information, encourage them to participate more. Have them flip through the exchange directory to find their next vacation destination. If you have touch-screen technology, encourage them to do the touching!