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Closing the sale

Increase your sales success and overcome the toughest objections. Whether you’re a sales manager, closer or salesperson aspiring to become a leader, the key success factors taught in these blogs will give you the skills to achieve your goals.

Closing the sale

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Several years back, I began talking with a customer who at first appeared to be my dream client. We met with Jason, the founder and CEO, two or three times by phone and the fourth time for lunch. He asked me to talk with two or three of the other executives. Each time they seemed interested, each time I provided them with more information, and each time they asked me for more white papers, testimonials, and then a proposal. Finally, I provided them with FREE access to our software for 45 days with the promise that I was their favorite…
Closing the sale

4 Ways to Replace Hard Work With “Heart” Work

We’ve all heard it, "It’s not in our budget;" "The timing isn’t right;" "We’re looking at many different options;" "I’ll run it by the board;" "It’s not a priority right now;" "My brother’s in the business…" Sometimes customer excuses and objections seem endless. I know this first-hand. So how do outstanding salespeople diffuse objections and close deals more effectively?