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Sales Management Training

These training articles focus on sales leadership, sales management and management training. With two decades of experience delivering manager training programs, Shari brings results-driven techniques for effective sales management.

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5 Ways to Turn a “No” Into a “Yes”

How often do we hear the word “no” and simply give up? Does no really mean no? Great salespeople realize that the word “no” simply means, “I need more information before I say yes.” I shared this concept with a friend of mine who is a professional mountaineer. When she sees obstacles on her path, they’re merely “problems“ or “challenges” that she figures out how to go around, through, on top of or at times she may use a different tool.
Closing the saleSales Management TrainingSales Training Articles

5 Ways to Tell if Your Client is a Professional Procrastinator and Won’t Commit and 3 Easy Steps to Get Them to Buy

A challenge for many sales people is creating urgency and commitment from the customer who appears to love everything about the offer, but simply won’t commit to spending dollars today. What’s the secret to handling the client who is agreeable throughout your sales presentation, who appears open and engaged, only to say when you’re finished presenting, “ I Like it, I Love It, I’m leaving!”
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5 Sure-Fire Methods of Creating Emotion in Your Sales Presentation

What do you tell people about owning your product? Do you tell them that it’s fun, thrilling or maybe adventurous? Do you share with them how good they’ll feel when they’re using it? Most of us have learned about the benefits of emotional selling or, as Levitin Group calls it, “getting to Third Level,” and how it can increase your chances of closing the deal.