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How you can attract, retain and extend your relationship with customers

Patricia Fripp has been named “One of the most electrifying speakers in North America.” She specializes in helping you improve your presentation and make more sales. She’s an expert in all things sales, as you’ll see in one of her most popular blogs, below: How you can attract, retain and extend your relationship with customers... I'm always taken aback when someone asks me how much time I devote to marketing. Every single thing we do is marketing. Talking to strangers at seminars or group meetings or even in elevators or taxis is marketing. Customer service is part of marketing. I…
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Three Temptations That Will Cost You Sales

I’ve never been much of a cook but what I do know is, if you follow the recipe for baking a cake exactly: voilà! A cake appears. It’s magic. Now if you leave out one ingredient, let’s say eggs or baking powder, or if you haphazardly add an ingredient (yes, I’ve done both), your cake simply won’t rise. Chefs, pilots, athletes and salespeople all need to follow a recipe… AKA a “process.” You probably know by now, that only when you stick to a consistent sales process can you expect consistent sales results. Without it, you give way to emotional…