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Reaching for the Familiar

As I was boarding a flight from Kauai to Maui, a small Chinese boy came up from behind me squealing and shaking with delight. He pointed at my carry-on, reached in with his little hand and removed a bottle of pills. His parents were apologetic and embarrassed. As it turned out, the container he clutched was a bottle of Chinese herbs, complete with recognizable Mandarin writing. It seems as though he had zeroed in on something familiar and comforting from China.
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Anything that can be told can be asked. Don’t you think?

Our customers learn about our program and become comfortable with it by seeing and doing. Too many salespeople rattle off facts and attempt to educate their customers without visually and actively involving them. Rather than telling your customer a piece of information, encourage them to participate more. Have them flip through the exchange directory to find their next vacation destination. If you have touch-screen technology, encourage them to do the touching!
Personal Professional DevelopmentSales Training Articles

Taking Chances

In a recent appearance with singer composer Roseanne Cash, my brother, Dan Levitin, a well-regarded neuroscientist and author, discusses why we like music so much. He describes the brain as a giant prediction machine. We look forward to our expectations being met within a song. We expect a certain note or rhythm and when our expectations are fulfilled, we’re rewarded.