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One of the main reasons people don’t purchase a product is because they either don’t trust the salesperson, or they think the offer is too good to be true. Sometimes, our customers ask us questions just to see if we give them an honest response.

We all know people need to trust you in order to buy from you. A few years back, Time Magazine reported that 72% of all Americans see a pattern of deception with a large number of companies. With so much suspicion from today’s consumers, we must go out of our way to earn the customer’s confidence.

That’s why the use of baby negatives in the sales presentation is key to gaining credibility and thus, closing a sale.  A baby negative is a statement made to a customer, or an answer to a question, which showcases what the product will not do.  It allows the customer to see your honesty and the validity of the good points that your product has to offer.

The Distinctions of Baby Negatives:
Only use a baby negative…

If the information you are offering is in fact a baby negative, not a giant negative.
When a customer asks a question, remember that questions can often be objections in disguise.

Clarify your customer’s questions or concerns before answering it with a baby negative or any other type of rebuttal.

Baby negatives are, in effect, take-aways.

So, remember the basic rule of a take-away: When we take it away, we must give it back.

Tell them what it won’t do and follow up with what it will do.

It takes courage to use baby negatives. Sometimes, you need to even tell adolescent and adult negatives. Whatever you do, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As Warren Buffet says it takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.

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