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The Secret Ingredient to Uncover Hidden Objections and Grow Your Sales

Remember the lion in the Wizard of Oz? He traveled far, risked his life, and defeated the Wicked Witch of the West in the hopes that when he reached the Emerald City, the great Oz would grant him courage but it was all smoke and mirrors. Too often salespeople hope someone, anyone, will give them the answer. But no one will ever hand you a badge of courage unless you earn it.
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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Sales This Week?

I have been blown away by the number of requests I've received on social media and email asking me to share prior video posts from LinkedIn and Facebook to help accelerate sales. Everyone seems to have a favorite. I’m going to provide you with the top 3 audience favorites from the last six months. These videos have received more than 10,000 views each. Watch these starting now and increase your sales, accelerate close time and enjoy more fun in the sun this summer!
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How Do Top Performers Balance Rapport and Urgency?

Think about your last few customer calls. When you first met were they excited, glad to speak with you, thrilled to buy—or were they suspicious, frazzled and impatient? If you said the former, I want your job. Truth is, most prospects don’t want to be sold; it’s your job to move them from a negative emotional state to a positive one. This involves creating a structure.