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There’s a big difference between “emotional selling,” and selling emotionally. Selling emotionally means succumbing to our own negative emotions and tendencies. To paraphrase sales leader and author of Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople, Colleen Stanley, one of the biggest challenges for salespeople is when they go into fight or flight reaction. They become self-focused and self-centered, they’re more worried about what’s going on inside themselves than what’s going on with the prospect or client. When you find yourself triggered by something your prospect says, try naming the emotion you’re feeling. Feeling frustrated is very different than feeling humiliated. Both require different solutions.

It’s easy for sales pros to spiral into a fight or flight reaction when the mortgage payment is late, or the customer goes dark. They become defensive when clients pose a question or objection. How do you refrain from selling emotionally when confronted with an objection?

Try the “Strumming Old Banjo Technique,” from the video below and watch your sales and your attitude soar.


  • Barry Hall says:

    Many thanks Shari for a great video and post.
    Much appreciated

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Glad you liked it, Barry…appreciate your note!

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