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Ok, I admit it. When I first heard about LinkedIn, years ago, I thought it was a stuffy Facebook. So, I did what many people do. Posted the obligatory profile picture, scribbled in some work history, and occasionally accepted an invitation. Until I met digital transformational expert Mario Martinez, CEO of Vengreso, that is. Everything changed.
I came to realize the power of LinkedIn, not only for research and rapport building, (you like mint tea and frolicking in the woods, me too!!!), but as the most efficient networking and prospecting tool since, well, the telephone.

And here’s the kicker, the etiquette of social selling is identical to the old school dinner party or after-hours networking event that I was accustomed to. (You know, the ones where you exchanged business cards and promised to do lunch and then six months later you find the card next to an old taco sauce wrapper in your junk drawer and you forgot what you talked about).

The only difference? LinkedIn is a party without pants! You heard it right. You get to meet people, introduce connections, and win new business while at home in your sweatpants or jammys…More importantly you can connect with more people faster. Research shows salespeople who embrace social selling outperform others by 57%.

Watch these videos and learn 5 ways LinkedIn is just like a social event or party….without pants!

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