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People often ask me if I get nervous before delivering a presentation. Right now, I’m on a plane headed to Dallas to present a 12 minute TED style talk to over 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs. Am I nervous? You betcha! Research shows speaking in public is the number one fear humans face. Second only to death.

However, sellers must present, and do so with confidence. (In the new CS0 Insights study for 2018, buyers cite “communication style” as critical to purchase decisions).

So, while you may prefer the casket, implement these three techniques and mask it.

Watch and learn more.


  • Anil Kumar Mudella says:

    Excellent Shari, I have huge fear of giving presentations and also speaking in front of team, I was looking for some professional coaching to remove this fear. can you help? Thanks Anil

  • Barry Hall says:

    Many thanks Shari, as Patricia Fripp would say – CLEAR, CONCISE and SPECIFIC. That is what I am trying to achieve in my videos. Great video and thanks for sharing. — Barry.

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thank you, Barry! Appreciate your feedback!

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Glad you liked my blog, Anil. Please feel free to reach out to my team member, Jennifer to discuss options at

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