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Over a year into the pandemic, and hybrid selling isn’t slowing down, it’s accelerating. And this is just the beginning. We’re at an inflection point. A time when we must adapt the way we learn, do business, access customer needs, and create value.

This past year has also taught us that so much more can be done remotely than we ever thought possible. Hybrid work is here to stay.”

What Strategies Can You employ Now to ensure higher win rates, get larger deals and a more engaged team? 

At Levitin Group we’ve adapted to virtual keynotes, shifted to providing 6-week Master Classes and Train the Trainer courses to help sales teams master the four seismic shifts every hybrid seller must make. (For more information on our keynotes and events, click here).

We’ve also doubled down on providing free tips on LinkedIn on how to demystify building trust virtually, productivity tips for life work balance, ways to gain consensus with multiple stakeholders, and tips for sales leaders on coaching and inspiring culture across the digital divide.

Resist the Sales Rabbit Hole

Here’s a few of our most popular videos this month topping almost 250,000 views!

 “This Lie About Salespeople is Costing you Thousands

If you look at the high value item today, it’s all about: “Be a thought leader!” “Be an influencer!” “Put out important content!” “Do a TED Talk!” “Do this!” It seems like everybody, to be famous, is supposed to have this giant virtual microphone. But, what if the emphasis was on listening? I’ve used this quote before and I’ll use it again, if you really want to make an impact, “you need to be interested, not interesting.”

“How to Lose Any Sale in Under 1 Minute

The reason we lose deals or they just get stuck in the pipeline forever is because we never got to the REAL objection in the first place. Get to the real objection and confirm that the objection they gave you is real. Otherwise, it’s like trying to hit a hologram. We can keep smacking it and whacking it but if it’s not real…You will never be able to CLOSE deals.

“Never Ignore When a Salesperson Says This” (Sales leaders)

If you canʼt give your salespeople your time and attention for a one-on-one, to really figure out who they are and what drives them…You canʼt expect to receive their best. Remember, “Manage” is a verb. Managing and leading our people takes our action, too. It’s those one-on-ones that make the difference.

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