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Wow! The first two months of this year have flown by.  As we bid adieu to winter and usher in warmer weather, let’s look back at my top three posts from the past month. ?February’s round-up features content about creating the right buying experience, why demos don’t always matter, and the number one skill you need in 2021… plus so much more. Dig in below!

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a luxury SUV, a live experience, or a pair of shoes…

What you’re really selling is a buying experience.

How can you HELP your customer make the right purchase for them as seamlessly as possible?

Remember, when you make it easy to say yes, you’ll get a lot fewer NOs.

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How many sellers think to themselves, “Oh, I gotta rush to the demo!” (particularly in virtual selling today.)


“Oh, we only have 15 minutes. Let’s show them the demo!”


And it took me a long time to get here because I used to do the same thing…

BUT, in the last year, I had a customer buy a seven-figure deal from me…

And we never even did a demo!

Learn how in the video below.

(By the way, if you like this lesson, check out my LinkedIn Learning course on Selling Virtually by clicking here.

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If I look at my friends and colleagues and sellers and entrepreneurs who are excelling versus those who aren’t…

It’s who’s agile, who’s adaptive, who is able to adapt everything they think and know to the new environment?

When we’re in a world of disruption and change whether it’s a pandemic, whether it’s technology, AI.

All of the things that are going on… the number one skill you need to have is you need to be agile…

And you need to be willing to adapt.


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