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Three Secrets to Increase Show Rate

By now, we’ve all probably had our share of disastrous zoom calls. A few weeks back, I revealed my own epic fail.

but what’s more frustrating than a poor Zoom call is none at all. 

With the increasing rise in video conferencing, more customers are canceling or simply not showing up. This wreaks havoc on your schedule, not to mention missed sales. 

First, why do customers cancel in the first place? 

Sure, they might have had an emergency and needed to take their dog to the vet, or perhaps the plumber stayed longer than expected, but more often than not, no-shows are the result of prospects prioritizing another task over your appointment. The nerve!

 But… you hold the power to change this. 

Your priority isn’t your customer’s priority until you make it so!

Here are three tips to ensure your customer shows up on time every time.

1. Confirm Calls with Video  Research shows customers are seven times more likely to respond to a video confirmation rather than a written one. 

So why not take the extra time and creativity? Companies like One Mob, Vidyard, and Bomb Bomb offer video software that not only delivers video directly to your customer but gives you the ability to track, measure, and monitor their engagement. Moreover, a well-crafted video increases trust and connection. Send a confirmation video 24-48 hours before your appointment and make certain to either restate your prospect’s pain point or share a helpful insight. Which leads me to number 2.

2. Create a Value Teaser – Learn to treat every interaction as though your sale depends on it because it does. When your client declines a meeting, make certain you offer value when attempting to reschedule. Time is a finite, non-renewable resource, so don’t expect your customer to make a commitment of time unless you promise to give massive value in return. If they cancel the call, make sure to stay top of mind.

3. Leverage the Rule of Reciprocity-

This law is best explained through the actions of the band Radiohead. Let me explain… In 2007, musicians were freaking out because young people were illegally downloading their music, bypassing the record companies and the artists. 

Rather than playing the victim or feeling resentful, Radiohead took a different tack. They put their album In Rainbows on their website with instructions on how to download it. Instead of a price, buyers saw a question mark, and then the prompt: “It’s up to you.” Not only did the tactic create a ton of buzz, Radiohead “made more money before In Rainbows was physically released than they made in total on [their ironically-titled previous album] Hail to the Thief.” 

Depending on the size of the deal, you may want to leverage this psychological tool of reciprocity. Think about it: if I do something nice for you, you’ll have a deep psychological urge to return the favor. If I pick up the bill for dinner this time, you’re likely to pick up the tab next time. Send a pizza prior to the meeting, a personalized card in the mail confirming the call, or an online singing telegram (yes, they still have those), 

We can’t guarantee every customer will show up to our meetings, but we can begin by using new tools, creativity, and a bit of humor. 

And when you do that your priority will become your customer’s priority.

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  • "Yo Adrian!" Sanchez says:

    You ROCK DA HOUSE, lady.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom (and caring about the ones who need it).

  • I particularly like the reciprocity point. THanks.

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thanks, Barbara. I’m so glad it hit home with you!

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thank you! I’m always happy to share with those who need it.

  • Jayne says:

    Great advice, our company is currently struggling with zoom call no show rates, this should really help! Thanks!!

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Glad this helps,jayne. happy to provide a fee 15 minute consult if helpful

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