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Watch Shari featured in the top sales magazine, “Sales Mastery”.

Most salespeople are all too familiar with the stalls a customer gives when they are afraid to make a decision, such as:

  • “Send me a proposal”
  • “I’ll run it by my board”
  • “We need to think about it”

In an exclusive interview with Sales Mastery magazine, Shari Levitin explains why these excuses are a result of fear or a lack of trust, not a thoughtful decision process. These excuses often disguise the real objection. Attempting to answer an excuse is akin to hitting a hologram. You can keep smacking it and smacking it but if you don’t get to the real objection and overcome if, you’ll never close the sale.

Part good sales technique, part sales psychology, the lessons Levitin shares will help salespeople build trust, increase customer loyalty, and close more deals faster.
From her Sales Mastery interview, you also will learn the following:

  • What drives customers to give salespeople excuses
  • Why trying to sweeten a deal can cost you credibility
  • How you can help your customer move away from a fear of closing a deal to a relaxed, happy buyer

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