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Groundbreaking New Book Reveals 10 Universal Truths that Transform Traditional Sales Dynamics

Business and management publishing house, Career Press, has announced that Heart and Sell topped the Amazon charts on its release date, February 20, 2017.

Shari Levitin, an international sales expert and CEO of Shari Levitin Group, a global training and consulting firm, penned her first book, Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know, after several years of research. Conducting interviews with hundreds of sales leaders, best-selling authors, top performers and academic professionals around the world, she developed a new perspective which blends the science of selling with the heart of human connection. These new insights and techniques are finding wide acceptance among many industries including timeshare, real estate, home building, and high tech. Entrepreneurs and sales training professionals are praising her fresh ideas.

Huffington Post contributor and CEO of Startup Professionals, Martin Zwilling, commented, “Even the best technology won’t sell itself. Everyone on your team needs a regular update on the latest insights for sales people, like the new book, Heart and Sell, by sales training expert Shari Levitin.”

Blogger Lori Richardson of gives the book and its unique philosophies rave reviews: “What I liked most about Shari Levitin’s new book is that she shares many relatable stories, as well as research, to help show why we do some of the things we do, and how the top successes do things differently. It reads well, meaning I had a hard time putting it down.”

The book is accumulating praise because of its abundance of original information and techniques. Dr. Dan Baker, author of What Happy People Know says, “Going beyond the ‘how to,’ this book gets to the ‘why’ that only top salespeople understand.” In another review, author of More Sales – Less Time, Jill Konrath, says, “By following (Shari’s) powerful principles and rock-solid sales technique, success…is virtually guaranteed.”

In a recent interview for Peak Sales Recruiting Shari reveals what lead her to write the best-selling book. During her research phase, Shari learned that top salespeople know how to balance the science of selling with heartfelt connection. “They also understand that, unless they really know themselves, they’ll never truly connect with their customers—or anyone else, for that matter. They know that what you do matters, but who you are matters more. The 10 Universal Truths contained in my book are all about achieving that balance and connecting more deeply with your authentic self.”

Says Shari, “Ultimately, the Heart and Sell method isn’t about becoming the best salesperson, it’s about becoming the best you; the you who wants to increase your earnings, rise to the top of your organization, and take pride in the work you do.”

The Heart and Sell book tour kicked off in October with stops in Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, California and Utah. In March 2017, Shari will be at a book-signing sponsored by RCI at ARDA World 2017, the shared ownership industry association’s annual gathering, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28-29 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. Ms. Levitin’s tour continues through 2017, with stops to include Orlando, California, New York City, Mexico and Indonesia. Initial sponsors and contributors include Hilton, Wyndham, the National Home Builders Association, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Adobe, Oracle, Pacific Sun Marketing, and Salesforce.

To book a tour date call (435) 649-0003 or email To order the game-changing book, go to by clicking HERE.

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