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Levitin Group, the resort industry’s premier training and sales consulting company, has been selected by Silverpoint Vacation Club (Tenerife) to provide both extensive live and virtual training programs. The South Coast of Tenerife is home to three of the most sought after holiday resorts in the Canary Islands – Palm Beach Club, Beverly Hills Heights and the Hollywood Mirage. These offer some of the finest accommodations in Tenerife. The global company also sells and markets a portfolio of resorts in the UK, Malta, Dubai, Florida, Tuscany and Thailand.

Levitin Group is the leading provider of training programs, performance seminars and online training programs in the resort industry. Offering a series of unique and customizable training tools, seminars and services aimed at enhancing the integrity and profitability of the individual salesperson, Levitin Group provides managers with effective, proven tools for increasing success rates and refocusing the talents and energies of their sales teams.

According to Diana Aitchison, Chief Operating Officer for the past two years at Silverpoint, “We have 182 employees based in Tenerife. The Levitin System works well getting everyone on the same page despite our distances. I have known Shari Levitin for many years and hold her in high regard for her dedication to find solutions both from sales training aspect as well across the board in our ever changing industry.”

“Silverpoint’s owners come from all over Europe,” said Shari Levitin. “Most of them hail from Scandinavia and the UK. What we can see is that, no matter where people are from, the same sales systems and strategies can be employed, especially if you are passionate about your product. We are proud Silverpoint chose our virtual sales training system to help their sales people rise to new heights as they attain their goals.”

“Working with Diana and Silverpoint’s CEO Mark Cushway is a great experience”, continued Shari. “They thoroughly understand what their people need to be successful and our system will play an important role in that process.”

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