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Heart and Sell


10 Universal Truths every salesperson needs to know about translating customer connection into bottom-line results.
Career Press, on sale at bookstores and on the first of the year.

Shari Levitin, entrepreneur and CEO of The Levitin Group, a global training and consulting firm and one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, has announced that her book, Heart and Sell, is now available on Amazon here.

Unlike the slew of books which offer trendy new systems, tips and tricks for responding to every customer objection under the sun, Heart And Sell draws upon Levitin’s two decades of experience as a sought-after sales leader and reveals what’s really happening during the sales process and, just as important, during the customer’s buying process.

According to Levitin, too many salespeople treat the symptoms – objections, stalls, lost sales – rather than focusing on the root cause of what makes sales so challenging. Sales requires techniques and processes, yes, but also deep listening skills and empathy. Salespeople who put themselves on the defensive, relying on tired scripts to close at any cost, but fail to truly connect with, and care about, their customers risk sounding staged; even manipulative.

Today’s savvy customers demand a more authentic sales experience.

“With competition for goods and services at an all-time high, and trust at an all-time low, I’ve concluded that what you do matters, but who you are matters more,” says the author. “Heart and Sell offers the readers a definitive guide to making an emotional connection with a customer, while still creating urgency. It’s about balancing heart and integrity with salesmanship and finesse.”

Under Levitin’s direction, the Shari Levitin Group has trained thousands of salespeople and corporate leaders in Third Level Selling©—a system of emotional selling that revolutionized the sales process and created over a billion dollars of ROI for some of the world’s top corporations. Heart and Sell gives individuals and smaller companies access to information that was previously only available to more established sales forces. It also gives larger sales operations a guidebook for training their individuals how to sell with integrity—while drastically improving the bottom line.

Drawing from the often surprising science of emotions and the “10 Universal Truths of Sales” that Levitin has identified during her career, she reveals how to:

1. Know when to focus on building rapport – and when to roll up your sleeves and make the deal.
2. Build a sense of urgency by understanding what’s truly important to the customer.
3. Close the deal – not by changing the terms or the price, but by changing the customer’s emotional state.

Ultimately, the Heart and Sell method isn’t about becoming the best salesperson, it’s about becoming the best you; the you who wants to increase your earnings, rise to the top of your organization, and take pride in the work you do.

You can order your book here.



  • Shari,
    I’m so inspired by you! Having recently been promoted to the Business Development division of my company, I rely on your expert advice, guidance and education to further enhance my selling capabilities (which are a bit “green” at this stage). Your book couldn’t come at a better time. I look most forward to reading it!

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thanks Diane!

  • Kathryn Hoffman Abby says:

    Congratulations Shari! Many will benefit from your experience! I can’t wait to read it and provide copies for my coworkers and clients!

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thanks Kathryn! I appreciate your support.

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