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Shari Levitin, entrepreneur, author and top sales, leadership and motivational speaker, has teamed up with Lee Eisler, lecturer at Stanford University and trainer of TED Speakers, to produce a course entitled: Your Authentic Voice—7 Elements of a Powerful Public Presentation.

Shari Levitin is well known for Levitin Learning, a multi-million-dollar interactive training platform that engages people on multiple levels, saving money for companies and turning marginal sales personnel into super stars.

“The beauty of teaming up with Lee is that we are able to bring new techniques and insights to our various clients. Over the years, Lee and I have developed methodologies in particular niches. Now we’re combining that information in a way that broadens the scope of what each of us can bring to the table in various industries – from tourism and hospitality to technology and retail,” said Shari.

Lee Eisler’s company, Presence Delivered, specializes in communication and presentation skills for business, including Leadership Presence, Authentic Presentations, Interviews, Storytelling and Improvisation. She focuses on bringing forth and developing the individuality of each person’s authentic voice, whether leading a company or sales team or giving a public presentation. Her clients include some of the top technology companies including Apple and Xilinx.

“After taking a continuing education course with Lee, my communication skills improved dramatically,” said Shari. “Being a professional speaker, I thought I knew a lot. After working with Lee, it became clear there is an entirely new level of education needed to deliver ideas with confidence, clarity and authenticity.

Together we created a curriculum and are offering it to Levitin Group’s current clients as well as new groups in all industries who will benefit from these skills. We have a powerful assessment tool which zeroes in on finding the authentic voice that resonates with your specific audience.”

Lee Eisler says she works with clients form the inside out, using each individual’s unique values, drives and strengths to help them discover their “authentic voice.” “Shari and I are a great team and we look forward to sharing our expertise.”

Shari Levitin and Lee Eisler have filled their December calendar and are opening dates in 2016 for progressive companies who are ready to take their internal and external communications to a new level. To find out more and plan a session: call 435-649-0003.

About Levitin Group
Levitin Group is an international training and consulting company, headquartered in Park City, Utah. The company offers a full team of experts in the following: resort industry, real estate, automotive, technology, and the food industry. The company provides custom sales curriculum and results-oriented consultation. With Levitin Learning, companies can increase efficiencies, offer multiple levels of certification in sales and marketing, as well as automatically maintain records of education that can help prevent compliance issues. Some Levitin Group clients reporting major upshifts in sales figures include Anantara Vacation Club, Club Intrawest, Jaguar, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Cuisine Unlimited, Legendary Preferred Destinations, and Silverpoint Vacation Club. For more information please call 435-649-0003.

About Lee Eisler
Before moving into the business world, Ms. Eisler was a professor and theater director for 20 years in both Canada and the U.S. She is currently teaching at Stanford as well as consulting with many businesses in technology, wealth management, construction, and non-profit, as well as individual professionals. She employs the same abilities she used as an Olympic athlete and New York theatre performer to clearly define achievable goals and then set practices to achieve those outcomes.

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