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Did you know that according to a study by the US Navy, the attention span of the average person is only thirty seconds? That means every thirty seconds your prospects are thinking about picking up the dry cleaning, their date on Friday night or the bill they forgot to pay!! Holding their attention is tougher than ever. Your customers are flooded with text messages, information, To Do Lists and more. How do you stand out?

Follow these five tips to attract and keep the attention of your customers.

1) Use Superlatives for Emphasis: “The number one reason people purchase is…”, “If you hear nothing else, I tell you…”, and “I’ll share with you the greatest benefit of our program right after we see the…”

2) Involve Your Customers: The more you involve your customers in the sales presentation the more you’ll hold their attention. Did you know that according to adult learning theory, people retain:

  • 10% of what they hear
  • 50% of what they see and hear
  • 90% of what they see and do

To make your presentation more memorable and exciting, showcase information in your sales area, cite magazine articles, but most importantly get them interacting.

In the Discovery, rather than the predictable, “Why is something important to you?” how about playing a game? Have him guess something about her; have her guess something about him. See which one of them can explain something about your product.

Remember people don’t believe it when we say it; they believe it when they say it!

3) Change the Tone: Communication is only 7% verbal. It is 33% tonality and 60% body language. Think about your voice inflection. Where do you want to emphasize certain points? What facial expression and body movements will add to your presentation’s effectiveness? It’s never what you say; it’s how you say it.

4) Use Stories, Metaphors and Analogies: The creative use of stories metaphors and analogies not only entertains and delights your audience: it enables them to listen better. A presentation without stories is like an opera without music. They’ll get the plot, but miss the feeling.

5) Let them Talk and Share: Ask to see pictures of their kids or grandkids. Inquire as to how they met. I always say, people aren’t bored when they’re talking; they’re bored when we’re talking!

Have I kept your attention? I haven’t been bored yet!

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