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Personal Professional Development

Success in sales and marketing begins from the inside and these articles help you develop the mindset and interpersonal communication skills necessary to master your sales presentation.

Personal Professional DevelopmentSales Training Articles

The Secret Ingredient to Uncover Hidden Objections and Grow Your Sales

Remember the lion in the Wizard of Oz? He traveled far, risked his life, and defeated the Wicked Witch of the West in the hopes that when he reached the Emerald City, the great Oz would grant him courage but it was all smoke and mirrors. Too often salespeople hope someone, anyone, will give them the answer. But no one will ever hand you a badge of courage unless you earn it.
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The Ghost in the Room

It happens all the time. You’re lucky enough to land a qualified prospect, you create strong rapport, your customer loves your product, the price is right. There’s just one problem. They need to speak with their brother (or mother, or doctor, or lawyer, or board members) about it. This brother, of course, is vacationing in Italy and can’t be reached. I call this third party “The Ghost in the Room.”