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Personal Professional Development

Success in sales and marketing begins from the inside and these articles help you develop the mindset and interpersonal communication skills necessary to master your sales presentation.

Personal Professional Development

The Great Mistake

The great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself” and she was right. Recently, I was reminded of this lesson again, when I fumbled a Zoom presentation. Even with the years of experience and countless virtual presentations I’d done (seamlessly, for the most part) before... I still blew it in front of 200 people I really respect. But, it wasn’t that I failed to practice or that I didn’t know the content, it was that I...
Personal Professional Development

A Seller’s 12 Days of Christmas

We are in the midst of celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas! In an effort to engage the creative side of my brain, I’ve selected four of my popular videos from 2019 that correspond to A Seller’s 12 Days of Christmas. May this poem serve as a reminder that when we continually do the right things, when we create the right systems for change, the results take care of themselves…
Shari Levitin blogPersonal Professional Development

What I Learned About Goal Setting from Running in Montana

Last week I made up all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn’t run the half marathon I signed up for in November. Having peaked at five miles with a ton of pain, I figured I’d give up. My son encouraged me. He told me, “It’s a mental game, you’re tough; you can do this!” I defended my position. I explained that as we age, cumulative injuries preclude us from performing like a teenager, our heartbeats slower, recovery takes longer, and I didn’t want to risk permanent injury.