Q2 Top 3 Videos

Roundup: Top 3 Sales Videos of Q2

Can you believe it? The second quarter of 2019 is already over. In my quarterly roundup, I share with you my top three LinkedIn sales videos from the last three months. All of them have valuable tips that will help you increase your sales and achieve your goals in Q3.

1. Customer Gone Dark?

Sellers often get a no-decision because they give the customer too much information. Think of limiting product benefits like packing for a mountaineering adventure. My family loves to go rock climbing and hiking. We’ve learned, on an overnight journey, you must be sensible about what you pack. Everything you bring, you have to carry. Unnecessary items add weight. (If you saw the movie Wild you know exactly what I mean!) Excessive words add weight.

2. What Do You Do When Your Customer Goes off the Rails?

Many sellers argue with their customers or become defensive. Instead, worry less about political correctness and more about emotional correctness. In other words, in life, people disagree—whether it’s about politics, raising children, or committing to a purchase. It’s more important to understand how someone feels than what they say.

3. I Bet You’ve Heard This Before: “Send me a proposal.” or “Put it in writing.” 

These statements can be an excuse. Are you getting compliance rather than commitment?

Learn how to gain commitment to move your deal forward NOW!

If you’re craving even more sales advice that will grow your bottom line, check out my top 3 videos from Q1.

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