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I, like most of you, struggle to define happiness….happy is a word we throw around a lot. The pursuit of happiness is etched into the American psyche right there next to liberty and even life. But what does happiness really mean, and more importantly, how do we achieve it?

Sometimes, we think there’s a magic bullet that will catapult us to happiness and success. We’re frantically looking for a magic powder, a new pill, or the latest diet of clever closes. I hate to disillusion you, but the truth is there is no one thing that will bring you happiness.

Mastering happiness is the same as mastering any skill. Whether you’re a professional artist, musician, or athlete, it takes persistence and time to become a master. You need to do a lot of little things right; it requires tireless determination and consistency in your attitude and efforts.

My friend, author and speaker, Dr. Dan Baker, author of What Happy People Know, refers to the “Triangle of Happiness.” I might change the name to the Triangle of Fulfillment. (Not as catchy, but more accurate). Happiness and fulfillment are decidedly different. Happiness is fleeting. It’s the feeling you get when you’re eating an ice-cream cone, enjoying a massage, or driving a new sports car. Happiness is attainable. Anyone can buy it. But pleasure has its limits. In fact, the constant pursuit of pleasure can rob us of true fulfillment.

Fulfillment requires struggle. It comes from relationships, wellness, and excellence. Those who do not have struggles in their lives can never rejoice from a hard-won victory. They don’t know the profound satisfaction of helping another person through hard times, or the discipline necessary to reach a once impossible goal post.

Join me in a heartening conversation with my new friend, Brandon Bornancin CEO @ – The World’s Best Sales Leads | Author, in a compelling interview where we dive into the Triangle of Fulfillment. What are the three goal posts that lead to fulfillment, and why do we struggle to balance the three?
“The happiness that comes from excellence cannot be bought: the joy derived from sharing your heart cannot be measured.”

To your success.

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  • Barry Hall says:

    Many thanks Shari for a great interview with Brandon, really enjoyed it.
    Best wishes

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