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What’s rare today isn’t data or information. What’s rare today is connection. Grabbing, holding and keeping the customer’s attention will rehumanize the sales process.

Advance Your Skills

In this time of information overload, we have to break through the noise. Having a constant source of connection to your clients is an integral piece of the sales process. Consequently, it’s one of the things we have to continually coach. Keep this motto in your head and you’re sure to succeed: Lead with empathy. Leading with empathy is applicable in every aspect of the sales process, be it prospecting, client interactions/presentations, or even rejection. Challenge yourself to be courageous enough to break away from the cold conventional sales process. Remember, your biggest competitor is the status quo.


Update Your Sales Process

There are four key aspects to integrate into your sales process so you may continue to nurture your client relationships. Trust. Empathy. Reliability. Integrity. Integrate all four into your pitches and interactions for the full force of their effect. Neglect one, and you might as well have not put in the effort for the other three.

I’ll be taking a deep dive into these topics at Outbound 2019 in sunny Atlanta April 23rd – 26th. Space is limited, so save your spot while you can. Just for you, save $100 OFF your ticket using my coupon code heartsell100! (Successfully redeem your savings by entering the coupon code after selection of your desired ticket type in the checkout window.) My top goal has always been to see personal transformation through learning and development which Outbound fully embraces. This is hands down one of my favorite conferences to attend and speak at. I’m looking forward to mingling with the biggest and baddest in sales and the consequential melting of the minds. Let’s make sure we don’t miss each other! Feel free to reach out to me so we can arrange a meetup.

2019 is still yours for the taking. Take it with heart and soul and you’ll see a return on your investment. I’ll see you all soon! Stay tuned for my adventure to Outbound.

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