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Today’s customer is time-starved, information-rich and tech-savvy. Competition is fierce. Old school methods such as…

  • Relying on sales scripts – learning what to say but not why to say it;
  • Telling the customer how the product works rather than sharing how they’ll feel;
  • Dropping price instead of increasing value;

…simply no longer work.
In this entertaining, content-rich program for sales teams, Shari discusses the psychology and neuroscience of selling. Participants learn to create deeper connections, uncover core buying motives, and close more sales faster. Most salespeople focus too much energy on the sales process, rather than the buying process.

In this program, salespeople will walk away with five new methods to engage, and gain commitment from, today’s overloaded consumer. Specifically, salespeople will master the art of storytelling and testimonials, incorporating the linking formula, asking more provocative questions, and leveraging technology and best practices. Finally, they will develop more effective methods of closing and creating urgency resulting in larger transactions, higher closing percentages and more satisfied customers.

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