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Are you paralyzed by fear? Good. Top salespeople know that the more fear they feel, the more important it is to tackle the fear. What you’re afraid to do, you must do. The question you’re afraid to ask, you must ask. Get out on the skinny branches. Failure is inevitable. Resilience is a life skill, one that will fill your soul and your pocket.

#1: Go after the low hanging fruit and you’ll be competing against lots of cherry pickers.
#2: Choose the more difficult path and you’ll reap greater rewards.
#3: Failure is an inevitable and necessary stop on the road to success.
#4: When you know what customers don’t want, you can better gauge what they do want.
#5: Your priority isn’t your customer’s priority until you make it so.
#6: Each time you try an approach that doesn’t work, you move closer to the solution.
#7: You may lose the deal, but if you’re wise, you’ll learn a lesson.

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  • Andrea Waltz says:

    Love the ‘NO’ infographic Shari! Lots of wisdom in NO’s.

  • Shari Levitin says:

    You are living proof of success through NO! Thanks for the great interview!

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