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Levitin Group, the resort industry’s premier training and consulting company, is furthering its reach into the international arena with Azure (Malta) and IFA (South Africa) both coming on board to access its successful online training system.

Azure’s Director of Memberships, Gavin Dickinson says that he and Project Director Perry Newton are “thoroughbred believers in all things Levitin. We became familiar with the system in Tenerife years ago and when the opportunity to engage with the training digitally with Levitin came up we thought it was ridiculously great.”

“Levitin Group are Masters at what they do. The system is fantastic, clear and simple,” Gavin says. “While we think of ourselves as ‘keen’ trainers, it takes us at least an hour to impart what Levitin does in 15 minutes.”

Azure’s Golden Sands resort keeps 30-40 sales representatives on staff and, in addition to the general system, each one of them can utilize the system and access particular modules which fit their individual needs.

“For instance,” says Gavin, “if they are new or going through a rough patch, there is a section for them. If they need an explanation of the “Five Whys” there is a digital guide for that. Everything we need is online and easy to access.”

Shari Levitin, President and CEO of The Levitin Group, also reports that IFA in South Africa is using the method. “We can see that their usage is off the charts from our system analytics. They are using it train all aspects of their organization. We are very excited that we now have content for marketing teams as well on everything to the basics to overcoming objections when touring.”

Whereas hands-on sales training is extremely affective according to Shari, “Our online training with its reporting capabilities compliments live training with a system of accountability and the move to digital programming makes our programs accessible all around the world.”

About Levitin Group
Levitin Group is an international training and consulting company, headquartered in Park City, Utah. The company offers a full team of experts in timeshare and real estate sales, custom sales curriculum, and results-oriented consultation. A pioneer in the field of web-based eLearning, Levitin Group launched Levitin Learning — the industry’s most advanced virtual training, testing and certification platform. Levitin Learning features over 350 video-based lessons in sales, OPC marketing, motivation, leadership and personal development, delivered with engaging interactivity and backed up with comprehensive tracking and monitoring. With Levitin Learning, companies can increase efficiencies, offer multiple levels of certification in sales and marketing, as well as automatically maintain records of education that can help prevent compliance issues. For more information please visit or call 435-649-0003.

About Azure
Azure, Malta provides Vacation Ownership opportunities making dream vacations a reality. Azure tailors luxury club memberships to today’s demanding market and has fast become a worldwide leader in the Vacation Ownership industry. Providing exclusive membership opportunities at the prestigious Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, Malta and with a member base of over 5,000 families at this resort alone, Azure offer flexible usage options and luxury vacation experiences in some of the most sought after destinations in the world.

About IFA
IFA Hotels & Resorts offers clients the opportunity to guarantee vacation weeks at their preferred resort by opting for fixed or flexible weeks based on the IFA Vacation Club product. As well as having guaranteed vacation time for the next 30 years at their preferred resort, clients will still have an option to spend vacations elsewhere within the IFA Hotels & Resorts

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