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In this program, sales and training guru Shari Levitin and Stanford professor and speaking expert Lee Eisler will share the seven elements of a powerful public presentation.

Whether you’re directly in the sales profession or not, chances are you or your team need to present, promote or engage with others regarding your product or service. The question is, when you speak are you engaging? Do you connect with your audience emotionally? Does your speaking create maximum impact?

Your audience today has a shorter attention span than ever before. The fact is your ability to present your product or idea will impact your success more than any other factor.

You’ll engage in short lectures and discussions along with skill building exercises combined with lots of opportunities for speaking using short impromptu studies and formal presentations. Guided discussions and individual coaching will form the basis for the practical and grounded feedback you’ll receive.

You’ll learn:

  • The secrets top TED Speakers use to create emotion and engagement
  • The seven types of stories and how to captivate your audience through storytelling
  • How to alter your impact with each step of your presentation so your performance is riveting and causes your audience to take action
  • How to create authenticity by integrating your mind, body, heart and beliefs
  • The power of the Mobius strip: creating a constant feedback loop between you and your audience
  • Methods of making mid-term corrections when things don’t go as planned
  • The three ways to hold your audiences attention in any environment
  • How to persuade, inspire, educate and entertain.

It’s based on 7 Elements for great public presentations:

  1. Voice tone (objective): Pitch, volume, silence, hotwords (emphasis)
  2. Body Energy: Gesture, body language, eye contact
  3. Content frameworks: Arc or journey, chunks, visuals, shifts, how to create an experience not just a speech
  4. Story and Metaphor: To connect on an emotional level
  5. Timing: Duration and rhythm
  6. Space: How to step away from the lectern to use space & architecture
  7. Style: What is your home base? How can you maintain authenticity and still project? How can you extend out into humor, stillness, energetic, succinct, poetic, motivational etc.

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