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To make it to the NBA, a professional basketball player must have certain talents commensurate with the game. Most likely, he’s tall, strong, and competitive. According to Gallup, Inc., talents are something you’re born with. They’re life themes; you either have them or you don’t.

Beliefs and habits, however, must be learned, practiced, and repeated. The success of an organization depends upon a manager’s ability to align their teams habits and beliefs with those of proven top performers.

After extensive interviews with the top salespeople in multiple companies, Shari has distinguished the beliefs systems and corresponding habits of top performers across the globe.

Consistency in sports – and in sales – requires a distinct strategy, a consistent process, and a clear definition of success. In this entertaining and results-producing program participants will learn:

  • The shocking truth about why salespeople enter a slump and can’t get out.
  • How to create meaningful connections with your customers to drive repeat business;
  • A playbook for time management and prospecting;
  • How to create a championship mindset regardless of external circumstances;
  • Methods to generate a culture of education and collaboration.;
  • How to earn trust fast and get to yes quicker.


  • Sanjay Sinha says:

    Dear Shari i have heard a lot about you from experienced sales people in Timeshare Industry. I have been in this Industry from the last 15 years but I somehow feel stagnant. I was making good money initially when i opened my Company around nine years ago but now i am feeling stagnant and i am not making good money. I want to know the latest ways of selling Timeshare. Presently i am doing Venue presentations, inviting customers to collect a 2 Night Holiday gift and then give them a sales presentation. Perhaps my method of selling Timeshare has become outdated. I want to learn the latest ways followed world over to sell Timeshare.
    Do help.

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. What company are you with?

  • Tracy johnson says:

    Hi Shari
    We met Many years ago i would live to have access to your training materials how can i do that cant find a sign up option

  • Shari Levitin says:

    Hi, Tracy. Thank you for reaching out about accessing my training materials. Please send your contact information to and I will have someone from my team contact you and we will get you signed up right away!

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