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If you’re anything like me, over the last couple of months in quarantine, you’ve probably felt a little “chaotic”, working through your to-do list while (attempting) to juggle working from home, and even caring for kids (phew!). With everything going on, it’s become easier than ever to get lost in “to do’s” and forget about “to improves”. While we all know that self-improvement is critical to achieving long-term goals, it’s too often the first thing that goes out the window when we’re low on time.

Remember, self-improvement isn’t just a long-term investment; with the right content, self-improvement can be rewarding in the moment, too. Here are two completely free resources for you. Take them, take 30 minutes, and get ahead while rewarding yourself with an informational read.

1. Top Sales Magazine – June’s Special “Women In Sales” Edition (Guys, you’ll love the content in here too)!

I am humbled to appear on the cover and contribute with leaders like Lori Richardson, Diane Helbig, Meridith Elliott Powell, Lisa Leitch, CSP CSL Colleen Francis, Cynthia Barnes, Amy Franko, Linda Richardson, Julie Hansen, Tamara Schenk, Joanne Black, and the late Barbara Giamanco in this month’s Top Sales Magazine.

As I look around the sales world today, I’m proud of the women who stand beside me. Their creativity, perspective, and heart have done more than enrich their industries, it’s inspired women everywhere to pursue their full potential.

To get your copy of this month’s Top Sales Magazine, click here.


2. My New 4 Pillars e-Book for Leaders 

Going virtual – successfully – takes more than automation. Just as there are formulas and processes for success in live meetings, there’s also a unique formula for their digital counterpart.

Take, for example, client meetings and the fact that it’s harder to build trust online. Without the ability to shake hands and build rapport in person, we actually miss out on the Oxytocin that is released when humans build trust in the same physical space. Oxytocin, (also called the “huggy hormone”), elicits compassion. Today, we can’t smell each other so we need to make very strategic changes to ensure we’re engaging and connecting across the digital divide. Use my new 4 Pillars eBook as your guide to effective, entertaining, and successful online meetings. Click here to download the e-Book.

Be more. Sell more.


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    You are very welcome, Amy. Stay safe!

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    Thank you. Stay safe. Good Health God Bless.

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