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Years ago my mentor asked me the most important question of my career. But first he asked, “What’s your sales goal?”  I told him, “I’m going to make $100,000, I’m going to be number 1 in the company and then, I’m going to buy a white BMW.” But it was the next question that would change my life forever.

He asked me, “What are you willing to give up in order to reach your goal?”

Last year I trekked from Fiji,

paddled to Tonga Island, 

piloted a wave runner through the Panama Canal, 

and hitched a ride on a yacht,

to attend the sales conference of the year, Outbound! 

This year, I’ll be traveling all the way from Antarctica to open the conference on May 6th. Why all the work? Because Outbound is the only conference on the planet dedicated to prospecting, pipeline, and productivity. No commercials, no sales pitches, just actionable strategies to win sales in 2020. I am speaking on three separate topics along with some of the most acclaimed speakers trainers and strategists in sales. 

If the last two years are any indication of how OutBound ticket sales will go this year, we don’t have enough tickets left to accommodate demand.

We are down to 292 tickets, and in the last two years, we have sold 400 tickets. To sell more tickets, we’d have to remove the tables, eliminating our classroom style set up. We aren’t willing to do that because the content is practical and tactical, and you are going to want to take notes, lots of them.

Of the 292 remaining tickets, 16 are the special, exclusive VIP tickets. We sell these tickets out every year, and every year people plead with us in the week leading up to the event for a ticket. Sadly, there isn’t enough room for more.

It looks like we have filled up the Elite Friday tickets. We are working to see if we can increase the workshop space now, so we can invite more of you to show up for the workshops.

You can get a ticket to the Main Event on May 6 and 7 for $599 when you use the code Shari100.

OutBound 2020 | May 5-8 | Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, GA

In addition to me, you will hear from speakers including Anthony Iaanarino, (the smartest dude in sales), Mark Hunter, (the legendary prospector in sales) Victor Antonio,(omg, the energy and knowledge!) and Jeb Blount, (my mentor and role model) AND greats such as Amy Franko, Andrea and Richard Waltz, Art Sobczak, Bernadette McClelland, Brynne Tillman, Colleen Francis, James Muir, Jeff Bajorek, Kendra Lee, Kenyetta and more! 

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