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3 Lessons I Learned About Sales from My Trip to South AfricaPersonal Professional Development

Three lessons I learned about Sales from my Trip to South Africa

It was a bucket list trip that had been postponed for three years due to COVID, but our trip to the South African Bush was well worth the wait. South Africa is known for its variety: Three capitals, eleven official languages, 20 national parks and a diversity of animals seen nowhere else on the planet. We can learn a lot from the savannah: the way animals adapt to their surroundings and the characteristics they need to survive and thrive in the most competitive environment on earth. Here's what we can learn from the Savannah: 1: Elephants When a baby elephant…
The Paradigm Shift from Traditional to Virtual SellingKeys to Success Selling Techniques

The Paradigm Shift from Traditional to Virtual Selling

Virtual selling is the new norm, but initiating sales conversations in a virtual environment is not simply doing what you’re used to doing face to face in front of a webcam. To deliver skillful and efficient virtual sales conversations, sellers must embrace a new paradigm and let go of the old ways. It is true that building trust in person triggers the release of Oxytocin, dubbed the “Moral Molecule,” which makes people more trustworthy, generous, charitable, and compassionate. However, virtual sellers can’t play off hormones and chemistry to form connections, so they must work harder to build trust, create value,…