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Want to know how to make six figures in less than six minutes?

In a word, video. That’s right. By leveraging video on multiple channels throughout your sales process and as a mechanism for customer engagement post sale, you can increase your sales and retention tenfold.

One video per week. 52 weeks a year. That’s all I do. Since I started taking video on LinkedIn seriously and began posting tips regularly, this became my pattern. To my surprise, I was just awarded one of LinkedIn’s top voices in sales for 2018! Learn more here.

The truth? When I first heard about LinkedIn, years ago, I thought it was a stuffy Facebook. So, I did what many people do. Posted the obligatory profile picture, scribbled in some work history, and occasionally accepted an invitation. Until one day, I recorded a video, up on a mountaintop, no make-up, a bit sweaty… and everything changed.

Video was easy. Well at least easier than writing a blog like this one. Seriously, it takes me three hours, two editors and five cups of coffee to write a blog. If I’m lucky 3,842 people will open it and just north of 300 of them will actually read it.

But video? I can record a two and a half minute video in five minutes flat. (It often requires two takes). Unlike a written blog, thousands of people watch each video, I get data driven analytics on my users, AND, here’s the kicker, we secured the majority of our new clients as a result of a few videos.

Why???? Research from Forbes reported by LinkedIn expert Viveka Van Rosen shows that 59% of all senior executives would rather watch video than read the same content on posts. So what’s the secret to leveraging video for prospecting and throughout the sales process to increase sales? Yeah you guessed it….

Watch: Three Tips to Earn BIG Leveraging Video below.

Here are some of my most popular videos for 2018 on LinkedIn.

1. My “virtual” trek to Outbound that went viral when I announced I was walking from California to Atlanta to speak at and attend the sales conference of the year! This is the culmination of my weekly hikes. Watch here.

2. Resistance Takes Persistence- How to Overcome Price Objections… Clue: Answering excuses is like trying to hit a hologram. You keep whacking it and smacking it, BUT it doesn’t go away. (This video was shot for a client in private schooling, but simply use this framework for any B2B or B2C product and watch your sales soar by the end of the year)! Watch here.

3. Junk Drawer Presentations-Has your presentation become a junk drawer? Many sales presentations do. Learn to clear the clutter and win more sales with this simple approach. Watch here.

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