Closing the Deal – Excuses vs. Objections

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Only six real objections exist to purchasing anything. Salespeople miss deals because they react to the excuse, rather than the customer’s real concern. This is like trying to hit a hologram.

In this course you’ll learn to change the customer’s emotional state before changing the deal. You’ll understand the true concerns of your customer, connect with them at a heart level, and help them to get what they want and need.


Chapters include:

  • The Destiny Close
  • Spend the Money Anyway
  • Think About it While you Own It
  • The Upgrade Close
  • What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
  • Real Objections
  • Overcoming Today’s Toughest Objections
  • Getting the Core Objection
  • Parting of the Ways
  • No Deal? Try This
  • If it Were Next Week
  • Mull it Over
  • Calculator Close
  • Never a Good Time
  • The 5 Step Approach
  • Lamb Chops And The Kitchen Sink
  • Monopoly Close
  • Overcoming Objections Conference Call
  • Advanced Closing Part 1
  • Advanced Closing Part 2
  • The Actuarial Close
  • Are You in or Out?
  • Bad Economy Close
  • Basics for Handling Objections
  • Closing Strategies Conference Call
  • Common Objections
  • Common Objections
  • Emotional Decision
  • Knowledge and Action Close
  • Lamposting – Keeping Your Cool with Objections
  • Ten Deadly Closes 1
  • Ten Deadly Closes 2
  • The Million Dollar Phrase Part 1
  • The Million Dollar Phrase Part 2
  • What Are You Going To Tell Your Kids Close
  • What Will You Remember
  • Who’s Going To Buy This For You
  • Why Would You Buy Close
  • You Don’t Need 90 Minutes Close
  • The Ghost in the Room: The Must-Learn Isolation Technique
  • Rumor Has It – 3 New Rules for Creating Urgency
  • I Can Deal With That! Restating Customer Concerns
  • Overcoming the Spouse Objection

This course is featured in Levitin Learning – Fast Track. This category contains fast track lessons of the essential elements of the steps of the sale, from your mental mindset all the way to closing your deal.


  • Derek Moeller

    Hi Shari,
    We spoke last yr, I’m interested in signing up again for the website access and all the training chapters please.
    Hope this finds you well,
    Derek Moeller
    Project Director – Wyndham Flynn’s Beach, NSW, Australia

    January 12, 2016at2:45 pm
  • irene barnes

    What is the cost to access the website.

    February 6, 2017at11:22 am
  • Ina Lehmann

    Hello Shari, how do I get access to the course?

    November 29, 2017at9:50 pm
  • Leidy sanchez

    Hello!!! I’m interested on this course. How do I get access? 🙂

    August 2, 2018at11:18 am
    • Shari Levitin

      Thank you, Leidy! I’ll have Jennifer from our office contact you directly with more information.

      August 2, 2018at12:07 pm

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