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A couple of weeks ago, I posted this tribute to Kent – my friend, 20+ year employee, and confidant:

Though we can never escape pain, we can always change our perspective. I know Kent would have wanted me to learn from it, write about it, and, of course, have him edit it. So here are three lessons I’ve learned from losing my most loyal employee:

  1. Take Time to Mourn and Reflect
    What could I have done better? What were my last words to Kent? Were they “Good Job”, “Thank you for all you do?”, “How are your Grandkids?”. I hope so, but I’m not certain. I’ve been contemplating this for the last few weeks since his death. I hope my last words were kind, thoughtful and encouraging. It got me thinking of the Aristotle quote: “Be Kind for Everyone is Fighting a Great Battle.”
  2. What Makes Someone Life Worth Living?
    I’m grateful I took the time over the years to know Kent as a person, a father, and a friend. But, I haven’t always taken this time with others. For that, I’m disappointed in myself and, at times, even ashamed. What I do know is we can’t possibly affect someone’s outer world if we don’t take time to understand their inner world.
  3. Remember the Back Up Singers
    Kent didn’t need to be the front man, just like the back up singers in the documentary “20 Feet from Stardom.” Darlene Love, Judith Hill, Merry Clayton, and many others who sang backup for the Rolling Stones didn’t need to take center stage. Said Lisa Fischer, “I reject the notion that the job you excel at is not enough to aspire to, that there has to be something more. I love supporting other artists.” She added, “Some People will do anything to be famous. I just want to sing.”

Kent, thank you for your song, your loyalty, and your humility.

Until we meet again, good friend….

If you would like to attend Kent’s Celebration of Life on May 16, please send an email to and we will send you the details.


  • In the short time I knew Ken I quickly realized what a kind, gentle, smart, and compassionate man he was. Shari, my heart goes out to you and all of your staff and Ken’s family. Any loss creates great sadness, but we must realize and embrace the lessons as well. Praying for you all for God’s peace that is beyond our understanding.

  • Michelle Becker says:

    I do not know Kent but now, I feel like a piece of him is out there with the rest of the world. Thank you Shari for sharing this. May all employers learn something from what you shared here. May ALL of us take a moment to ponder what our last conversations were with those around us… coworkers, family members, strangers on the street.

    No, we are not all made of the same cloth but we are ALL worth the time it takes to understand one another and share a chunk of life with. Kent sounds like a very humble man. We can all learn from a soul like that. Thanks Kent for making such an impression on Shari and now…. all of us.

  • Gloria Hawkins-Parker says:

    Words of Love , Kindness and Humility

    A message from your a heart .

    ThNk you.


  • I send my love to you Shari… Kent was a real gem, I could tell and i’d only known him a few weeks. It is so sad. With your inference to smoking I guess that may have caused his passing. I can only guess. Fortunately i quit the weed 25 years ago. wicked stuff tobacco but i was a pipe and cigar man most of my smoking career. Probably no better that cigarettes but i used to kid myself it was. God bless Kent’s soul and his children, his legacy lives on in your Heart. Thank you for all you do. Kindest personal regards, Stuart

  • Char Middlebrooks says:

    So sorry for your loss…What beautiful words you wrote in Kent’s honor….What a precious reminder to always acknowledge, with human kindness, our fellow colleges & loved ones…Thank you for sharing your heart Sheri ❤️

  • Meridith says:

    Oh my gosh Shari I had NO idea.. I am so sorry

  • Regina Manfredi says:

    Shari, I’m so sorry for your loss. May your memories lift your spirits. God bless you & Kent’s family.

  • Gabriela says:

    Dear Shari,
    Your story touched my heart Shari. My condolences to you and your team. He must have been a star that shined light in the office, next to you, behind you, for 20 years. An immense loss. Your kind words remind me we have to take time to mourn our loss. I am going through something similar and I will take this again into account…time to reflect. Since I am Mexican I send you an “Apapacho” and I know you know it means.
    Hugs. Gabriela Mueller

    p.s. interestingly,, I’m fortunate enough to have a 15min call with you later today after a wonderful course I took recently with you. Looking forward to it. Thanks Gabriela

  • I wish I’d known Kent better. I particularly wish I’d known he moved to Tennessee where we could have been neighbors. May he Rest In Peace as we hold him in our hearts.

  • Karen Payne says:

    Very well said. Kent had such a kind, accepting energy about him that you instantly felt like you had known him your whole life. I cried for all of us when I heard of his passing. I’m glad it was peaceful, as he deserved nothing less. Love you Kent. RIP.

  • Tim says:

    Sorry to hear this and my hope is that others realize they have something to add to this life. 🙏🏼

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