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Stop pretending and start selling. Learn how selling with heart can make you a fortune by staying up to date on the latest in sales philosophy with Shari and the Levitin Group.

5 Ways to Crush Your Virtual Sales Goals with DisciplineBlog

5 Ways to Crush Your Virtual Sales Goals with Discipline

The most common challenges holding virtual sellers back from crushing their goals aren’t talking too much, an inability to overcome objections, poor prospecting skills, or fear of closing. Although this lack of hard skills is all too common, I would say the most common challenge is discipline. Sales success requires the discipline to stick to routines and employ daily success habits whether you feel like it or not. Here are 5 ways you can put sales discipline into action right now. (more…)
January 11, 2023
This Sales Hack Gets Anyone to Call You BackBlog

This Sales Hack Gets Anyone to Call You Back

If you traveled on I-70 between Denver and Vail, Colorado, you might notice a packed parking lot in front of a restaurant with the sign: BAD FOOD, WARM BEER. I hear the food is “meh,” but the message is so different people crowd the restaurant to see for themselves. Your prospects are desensitized to emails and voice messages that contain the same boring language as your competitors: To break through the noise today, try the following sales hacks to get more callbacks and meetings. (more…)
October 11, 2022
Common Hybrid Sales Training Mistakes That Derail LearningBlog

Common Hybrid Sales Training Mistakes That Derail Learning

Proper training and coaching in a hybrid world is the most important strategy for maximizing the performance of the individuals on your team. Yet the pitfalls in face-to-face training are amplified in virtual training. Here are two common misguided approaches to hybrid sales training and what you can do to turn it around, build a high-functioning team, and crush your goals. Pitfall 1: Focus on the training vs. the learning Too many sales leaders focus on the training process rather than the learning process. They train the best way for them rather than how their salespeople learn. Don't worry - it's a common mistake! I…
May 19, 2022
Example of How Sales Confidence Kills Price ObjectionsBlog

2 Examples of How Sales Confidence Kills Price Objections

If you’re like most sellers, you get price objections - lots of them. It’s easy to take the path of least resistance, let your nervousness get the best of you, lower the price, and cheapen your offer. But do you stop to think of the effort, time and resources that went into perfecting the product or service you’re selling? Here are two stories that perfectly illustrate how having confidence in your offering and standing firm on your price can get prospects to see the true value of your offering and why it’s a fair deal. $5000 for THAT? Are you…
May 12, 2022
Vital Lesson About Sales Success I Learned from My MomBlog

Vital Lesson About Sales Success I Learned from My Mom

Sometimes we think there’s a magic bullet that will catapult us to happiness and success. We’re frantically looking for a magic powder, a new pill, or the latest diet of clever closes. I hate to disillusion you, but the truth is no one thing will bring you success in life or sales. It’s a lesson that I learned from my mother and mentor that changed my life. (more…)
May 4, 2022
Selling with VideoBlog

Selling with Video: Your Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

Today’s buyers are desensitized to your email and phone outreach. Right now, 90% of all our revenue comes from inbound – because of video. Potential buyers are three times more likely to open and view a video than read an email. A Forbes report showed that  65% of senior executives had visited a vendor’s website after watching a video, and 53% had conducted a search to locate more information. The challenge is that most sellers don’t know how to create videos, what to say, or when to use them. Leverage the Novel Approach (While It’s Still Novel) I remember when…
April 26, 2022
How to Build Trust in Virtual SalesBlog

How to Build Trust in Virtual Sales and Why It’s Harder

When I first started selling over the telephone, I couldn’t figure out why it was more difficult to build trust and rapport with my customers over the phone than in person. After all, they could hear the sincerity of my voice, and I made my offering about them. (Ok, I didn’t start that young!) To build trust with customers virtually, we need to leverage online tools to augment the subtle physical and psychological cues our mind uses to build trust. Why Building Trust in Face-to-Face Sales is Easier When we meet face to face with a prospect and start to…
April 21, 2022


In just a few short weeks, Meridith Elliott Powell and I will be taking the virtual stage for a ONE DAY ONLY live virtual event! This is the first time we combine forces for this one-of-a-kind masterclass. Survive, Adapt, Thrive: Sales Strategies To Turn Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage will take you in-depth into how you can take the everchanging sales market and turn that into a revenue maker. What could happen to your organization if you could flip the script on uncertainty and think of it as a good thing? What if your team could look forward to shifts and changes in…
November 11, 2021
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