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Time flies and it’s almost the second quarter of 2020! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself wondering where the first 2 months went. You might also be wondering what exactly those sales goals were that you set for 2020.

Was it mastering your pitch? Multiplying your sales? Learning how to overcome any objection? 

If any of these sound like the kind of goals you’re trying to crush in 2020… I might be able to help.

My team and I tallied up your likes, views, and comments to compile this list of my 3 best LinkedIn sales videos so far this year (according to you). Covering topics from Unconscious Mastery to Becoming a Top 1% Producer, they might just provide the spark needed to launch your next big win.

1.) How Unconscious Mastery Helped Me Become a Top 1% Producer

Becoming exceptional in sales is not about reciting a script perfectly… It’s about knowing your market, your product, your benefits, your prospect, and your pitch so well that it’s unconscious. In fact, whether it’s an opera, a football game, or a world-class chef, the greatest in any profession have achieved a level of mastery that seems effortless. Watch the video above to learn how.

 2.) The One Word That Multiplied My Sales

It’s not just overcoming your client’s objections; it’s overcoming your own excuses that can end up making the greatest impact on your success in sales. Instead of saying “they couldn’t afford it”, say “I didn’t show them the value.” Instead of saying “they needed to think about it”, say “I didn’t create enough urgency.” Remember, when we blame, we’re losing our power. Change the pronoun and you will change your life, because you get your power back.

 3.) The “Ghost In The Room” Objection

Has a prospect ever told you that they need someone else’s input before making a decision? I’m going to bet that they have—because it’s one of the top 3 objections salespeople receive. Most great salespeople (B2B or B2C) know that isolating this objection is key to getting the sale. Still, the majority of salespeople continue to leave thousands on the table by not asking this one question during the process of isolating the objection. What is the one question? “Why?” Find out how this simple question fits into my isolation process in the video above.

As you can tell from the stories above, I’ve had the benefit of learning from great sales leaders throughout my career, and I’m always looking to connect with more. If we’re not already connected on LinkedIn, please send me a request here

To your continued success in 2020 (and crushing those sales goals)! 

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