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This has been a tumultuous 12 months – a harrowing ride through reinventing ourselves, re-evaluating what’s important, and learning to create connection across the digital divide.

Through it all, in your comments, you’ve shared your fears, frustrations, and anger, but also hope, humor, and much wisdom. In the process, you helped document this extraordinary year.

Here’s just a few of the highlights and some FREE sales courses and materials for you to kick off the New Year.

1) Sales Leadership Live

Within the first weeks of the pandemic, a year’s worth of live keynote speeches and seminars were suddenly canceled. As a team, we asked ourselves, “How will we replace this revenue?” We were stymied. Then, we realized that we were asking the wrong question. The last thing our clients were thinking about was, “How can I spend more money?” This wasn’t the time for an “ask”. After all, money follows value and there are no shortcuts. So, we pivoted and asked, “How do we give our customers more value?
We created an online event called Sales Leadership Live with special guests, Jill Konrath, David Brock, and Dave and Emma Garrison.
We offered it for FREE and hundreds of people in our community attended. Here is a short clip from the event:

2) Heart and Sell

My book, Heart and Sell, was chosen by Harvard Extension as the official textbook for their Strategic Selling course. (This still gives me chills – one of the biggest regrets in my life is not getting an MBA or attending an Ivy League school).

3) Virtual Keynotes

We consulted with Zoom experts, purchased home studio equipment, and experimented with how to create “rock show” type virtual events and Masterclasses. I believe we cracked the code.  Here are clips of just a few of my favorites:


Some of our clients say learning and retention are even better virtually! If you’d like to find out more about hiring me for your next virtual sales kick off click here.

4) LinkedIn Learning Course

My new course, “Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals,” is now LIVE on LinkedIn Learning. We’ve received rave reviews from sales leaders from Fortune 500 companies as well as individual contributors. I managed to get a free pass for you to access the course here.

The link is good for 24 hours after you click on it. So plan on an uninterrupted hour to watch it.

5) Universal Sales Academy is NOW AVAILABLE to individual subscribers!

You asked for it! For the last few years, sales leaders and sellers have requested access to our weekly Shots of Shari videos to share with their teams. Previously, these clips were only available to our large corporate clients. But now, smaller teams and individuals can access our complete library of over 500 video lessons on everything from how to diffuse price objections to how to craft a winning proposal. Plus, we added a full course on Sales Leadership, Virtual Selling, and How to Grab Hold and keep the Customer’s Attention.  Details and discounts for Levitin Learning subscribers coming soon!

The best part of the year? We got to spend more time together as a family. My parents are vibrant and healthy, my husband got a new labrador puppy, and our 16-year-old son is thriving despite the new world of virtual schooling. For that, I am grateful.

Your voice is a vital part of our community at Levitin Group. Thank you for a year of thoughtful, engaging conversation.

We look forward to more in 2021

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