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Real stories and real experiences, from a real person.

Shari Speaking keynotes range from 40 to 90 minutes; choose from a variety of sales topics for your next meeting, seminar or event. Upgrade your experience with audience copies of Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know and post-keynote signings with Shari Levitin herself. Shari Speaking also offers filming and licensing options on request.

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Our most popular keynotes.

Rehumanize the Sales Process

In today’s fast-paced world, human connection has fallen by the wayside. Frequent smart phone use has been linked to loss of empathy, and attention spans are shorter than ever before. This makes objection handling—let alone creating a meaningful relationship—incredibly difficult. Sellers face the daunting task of trying to bridge the digital divide to grab and keep customers’ attention.

In this keynote, you’ll learn how to overcome the challenge of a distracted audience by connecting to your customer’s values, identifying the emotions behind your customer’s words and asking three levels of questions to understand why people buy. 

Cut to the heart of the matter. Rehumanize the sales process, and watch as your sales grow and grow.

Command the Account

It’s no secret retaining current customers is 6 to 7 times less costly than acquiring new ones and that repeat customers (on average), spend 67% more.

Indeed, in times of economic uncertainty, a company’s ability to focus on existing customers provides a reliable source of revenue and helps build the long-term relationships necessary to weather any storm.

However, most sellers are woefully unprepared when it comes to engaging with the right decision makers at the right time, gaining consensus, and creating messaging that drives change.

In this course, Shari Levitin, and Brent Adamson, (co-author of the Challenger Sale and former Distinguished VP of Gartner), have teamed up to assist sellers and sales leaders on how to help buyers buy. In a time of decision complexity, information overload and value opacity, (that’s Brent’s work. I can’t even spell it), creating customer confidence is key to growing existing accounts as well as landing new ones. Based on extensive research and met with measurable results, this workshop can be performed live or as a Masterclass

Takeaways include how to:
Profile and Prioritize stakeholders.
Assist key stakeholders to incite change and gain consensus.
Strategize messaging that will differentiate you and your product offerings.
Secure sellers’ confidence to ask for bigger deals and win more referrals.

Customers struggle to decide is less a result of the economy and more a result of their Humanity.

Selling with Video

Humans are always looking for new, fresh ways to communicate, connect and share stories. Nowadays, buyers are desensitized to phone and email—but the popularity of video continues to remain high. Potential buyers are three times more likely to open and view a video than read an email.

Video offers sellers a great chance to break through the noise and stand out, but the challenge is that most sellers don’t know how to use video effectively. In this keynote, you’ll learn how to create compelling videos, how to craft great messages and when to use video to maximize impact.  

Increase your sales by using video to build trust, save time, reach more stakeholders and simplify the buying process for your customers.

The Adaptive Seller

In a world gone increasingly virtual, customers are constantly bombarded with facts, figures, hyperbole and misinformation all posing as relevant insight. The average human consumes 74 gigabytes of content (about 175 newspapers’ worth) per day. Distinguishing fact from falsehood and meaningful information from meaningless noise is exhausting. No wonder customers either deadlock or default to the status quo.

Sellers who adapt—who help make sense of the information, simplify the process and tune into the emotional needs of their customers—significantly outperform those who continue to pile on data. 

In this keynote, you’ll learn four key strategies to adapt and accelerate sales in this new hybrid world.

The Four Pillars to Effective Training and Coaching

Training is easy. Training well is hard. Research shows that 87% of traditional sales training doesn’t stick. Your learners may be eager to improve their performance through additional education, but it often feels like the training doesn’t stick once they go back into the real world.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In this keynote, you’ll learn the secret to becoming a better trainer, empowering learners’ growth and creating unforgettable training. You’ll discover the four powerful pillars that must be used to create truly great training programs.

Revolutionize the way you approach sales training with scientifically proven techniques, and start seeing real, lasting results.

Story Selling

Research from McKinsey shows distractions rank as the number one obstacle to effective hybrid selling. Distraction takes many forms: the allure of social media, the dopamine rush from multi -tasking, or the default tendency to switch devices mid conversation.

While telling stories is the most effective way to connect and communicate, most sellers set aside the very communication method they learned, loved, and perfected as children. “Sellers often think that they know what a story is, but when asked to tell a story they usually do a description or an expository statement of their product or solution.” Takeaways from this keynote or workshop include:

• Distinguish why StorySelling is the secret weapon of sellers.
• Gain a framework that will help sellers articulate value, earn credibility, and differentiate themselves from competitors.
• Avoid the five StorySelling mistakes, according to research.
• Leverage the top five secrets TED speakers use to create emotion and engagement.
• create a culture of StorySelling to win the hearts and minds of buyers.


We speak to your needs.

When we say human connection is the most important thing in the world of sales, we mean it. So tell us about your audience, and we’ll make sure we’re customizing our keynote to speak to their motivations, values and goals. Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter speeches straight from the tin, and hello to meaningful talks that resonate.

1. Be inspired
(& entertained)

Like a booster shot right to the morale. Motivate, educate, energize… and have a great time doing it.

2. Learn a new way to sell

Meaningful lessons and real-world examples illustrate a new, more human way of selling.

3. Take action

Actionable tools and frameworks mean your audience can use what they’ve learned—at work, at home, right away.

Wow, can we bottle her energy and sell it?


My day with Shari was literally one of the best days of my entire life. I got so much out of it. Shari is so authentic and a truly wonderful human being.

Jenn RobinsonFusion Academy

Shari, your keynote really kicked off our Brain Balance conference! You gave us everything we wanted and more. Everyone was captivated by you and as a result of your inspiration, franchisee attendance for our training webinars have increased significantly.

Heidi O'NeillBrain Balance

Shari presented to our team of top producers at our 2022 Sales Rally. She
did a wonderful job. She's not only high energy and engaging, she adds humor, real life examples and breaks down processes which can easily be adopted. She's a terrific addition to any company engagement. You won't go wrong with Shari!

Mischelle WeaverGuardian Mortgage - Sunflower Bank

Shari did a phenomenal job making an instant connection with her personal stories and genuineness. She capitalized on keeping her challenge simple and efficient. Her rare talent is an energetic and tenacious spirit that exudes confidence and care.

Express Employment Professionals

We're on a mission to rehumanize the sales world, one keynote at a time.