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If you traveled on I-70 between Denver and Vail, Colorado, you might notice a packed parking lot in front of a restaurant with the sign: BAD FOOD, WARM BEER. I hear the food is “meh,” but the message is so different people crowd the restaurant to see for themselves. Your prospects are desensitized to emails and voice messages that contain the same boring language as your competitors: To break through the noise today, try the following sales hacks to get more callbacks and meetings.

Leverage Video

Asynchronous video is novel, a pattern interrupt that can double your open rate. Moreover, video is more personal and memorable and, therefore, more apt to result in a commitment to the next steps. Check out the Selling with Video Workbook to learn more about leveraging the power of video to bring you closer to your customer and nail the sale.

Slow Down to Speed Up

In real estate, value is dictated by location, location, location. In sales, you create prospecting value through personalization, personalization, personalization. Why wouldn’t you go on LinkedIn and learn everything about your client so that you can uncover shared values and deepen your rapport?

  • “Oh – you support the Red Cross? So do we.”
  • “I see you’re really involved with the humane society and have four dogs. I’d have 10 dogs if I could.”

I built a great rapport with somebody very influential just a few weeks ago talking about his King Charles Cavalier. Build rapport by looking up the interests of your prospects on LinkedIn. But it doesn’t stop there!

Make Connections

You can also find out about your mutual connections. Bringing them up creates instant credibility on a virtual sales call.


In addition to their interests and connections, check out their current position. How long have they been in the company? Were they recently promoted? Who did they work for prior? Have there been any trigger events in the company? In other words, what’s changed? Have there been any recent acquisitions or staffing changes? A friend of mine, top seller Karen Keating, continuously checks out trigger events before her sales calls because she says, “New executives are more likely to make changes.


What are they posting, commenting on, agreeing with, disagreeing with? “Audrey just posted that she got an award for diversity and inclusion.” Complement her on it. If you know she’s not an outdoors person, don’t brag about your recent trek up Kilimanjaro.


Check out their licenses, accreditations, and achievements. A few months ago, I listened to the company VP’s podcast before my sales call. When I mentioned this at the beginning of the call, he became so animated that he extended the call by thirty minutes! And yes, I got the deal. In other words, find ways to get closer to your customer.

What do your prospects value? What makes their life worth living? When you make your initial outreach about them, they’re more likely to listen to you and ultimately buy from you.

Leverage an Omni Channel Approach

Buyers increasingly use multiple channels to research solutions online. When prospecting, go where your customers are. Leverage social media, video, texting, and all the sales hacks. Hey – you might even send a pizza!

Your product doesn’t have to be better, but your prospecting DOES need to be different.

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