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You may remember the joke about the drunk who’s looking for his keys under the lamp light.
A police officer sees a drunken man searching intently for his keys. He asks him what he’s looking for. The drunk replies that is looking for his car keys, so the officer helps for a few minutes without success, then he asks whether the man is certain that he dropped the keys near the lamp post. “No,” he replies, “I lost the keys somewhere across the street.”

“Why look here?” asks the officer surprised (and irritated), “The light is much better here,” the intoxicated man replies.

Too many sellers look for new business in the wrong places. They’re in the dark when it comes to engaging with today’s information rich, time starved consumer. They fail to adapt to new methods of prospecting, discovering information, creating value, and holding the customer’s attention. In fact, according to new research by Gartner, sellers engage in behaviors today that thwart sales.

What’s the solution?
Watch the on demand replay of my webinar: The Adaptive Seller: Three Strategies to Accelerate Sales in an Age of Information Overload. Watch here.

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