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Can you believe it? We only have one month left of 2020. Before we take a deep dive into the final month of the year, let me share with you my top three LinkedIn sales videos from November. All of them include strategies and best practices that will ignite your sales results and help you finish the year strong.

1. Use This to Get 70% Closer to a “Yes” in Just One Step

We’ve all been told to do a discovery.

We all know we need to do a needs analysis to find out what’s important to the customer so that we can tailor make our offering to them…

But it’s one thing to listen to our prospect and it’s another thing to prove you’ve listened.

Grab these 3 tips to move your prospect 70% closer to a “yes”.

2. The Truth About Your Presentation

Think about what’s in your junk drawer right now.

Keys, bills, scissors, maybe even that sock you’ve been looking for?

Chances are you can’t remember all the things you’ve put in that drawer—much less why you put it there.

Unfortunately, the exact same thing can happen to our sales presentations.

We see a presentation we really like, a new methodology we’ve developed, a few of our new favorite quotes…

It doesn’t take long for our presentations to get junkie.

They get longer.

They get more confusing.

Does this sound like your presentation?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

That’s why I wanted to offer a few of my favorite tips on cutting out the clutter and streamlining your presentation.

Are there any tips you have for turning around a “junk drawer” sales presentation?

3. Not Using These 3 Questions is Costing Your Thousands

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to get an objection from my prospect, I’d rather have the objection now than later.

That’s why I always ask these 3 questions in a sales call:

1. “Why is it a problem?” Dig deeper.
2. “Why us?” Why are you calling us or “Why me?”
3. “Why now?” Gauge their urgency.

So many times, we get off a call thinking that we’ve knocked it out of the park only to find out that our potential customer is now ghosting us!

Remember, it may look like it’s “perfect sale”, but unless you ask those three questions, it’s probably not a sale.

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