Get Out of Sales HELL! – Kill the Behaviors That Cost You Sales

TIME: 45-90 Minutes  |  AUDIENCE: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs | Available in person or via virtual presentation.

How many times has this happened to you?

You firmly decide what you’re going to do – whether it’s going on a diet, calling that referral, or refraining from drinking that third glass of wine.

But then, you end up doing exactly the opposite!

You end up on your Lazy Boy chair, eating Oreos, or tracking long lost friends on Facebook, or toasting for the third time, because after all it’s Hump Day!

Well, you’re not alone.

And it goes far beyond procrastination and willpower. There’s a deeper reason for the gap between “knowing” and “doing.”

In this keynote you’ll learn:

  • The 4 default behaviors guaranteed to stop you from reaching your potential (and how to kill them!).
  • How to leverage screen-writing techniques to develop more authentic connections and win more deals.
  • How to create urgency without appearing pushy.
  • Ways to trick your brain and achieve unthinkable stretch goals.
  • How to unpack three methods for linking what’s important to the customer to your offering to build urgency.


Shari Levitin hits it out of the park every time she speaks. Our Nimble users were blown away by her passion and message. Bravo, Shari!

Jon Ferrara
CEO, Nimble Inc.


THANK YOU, Shari! Your keynote for our conference was awesome! So many of our team members taking notes and really engaged. The time flew by!

Donna Little
Director Sales Enablement , Nuance Communications

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