How to Overcome Objections and Create Urgency: Selling the Way Your Customer Buys

TIME: 4-6 Hours  |  AUDIENCE: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs | Available in person or via virtual presentation.

Most salespeople and sales organizations spend too much time refining the sales process and not nearly enough time envisioning the Buying Process. Buyers go through certain repeatable and predictable mental steps when arriving at buying decisions, yet most salespeople are totally unaware of them.

This workshop will teach participants to:

  • Lock in the five strategic commitments that lead to a sale
  • Engage buyer’s emotions to make them more receptive to you and your offer
  • Unpack the underlying causes of objections and negotiate better terms and pricing
  • Guide buyers through the necessary steps to make a purchase decision
  • Learn frameworks to move past excuses and get to the customer’s real OBJECTION
  • Master 10 strategies to negotiate more effectively


If you are an executive, business professional, or a salesperson who wants to improve your communications, negotiation, and sales skills — this workshops is for you. Shari will show you how to better connect with customers, prospects, team members, and people from an authentic perspective. Shari Levitin’s workshop is filled with excellent frameworks, content, actionable exercises, insights, and knowledge that will help anyone to be better a salesperson in your professional and personal lives.

Barbara Scott
Founder, Scott Consulting Team


Shari is a real thought leader in the sales space. No matter what you are selling Shari gives you real application and tools to make your process work. No one wants to be sold to. Shari teaches you how to sell from the heart while negotiating with courage to make that deal happen.

Suzanne Cassimatis Harp
Vice President of Business Development, Flobile

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