The Four Pillars of An Effective Training and Coaching Program

TIME: 45-90 Minutes  |  AUDIENCE: Managers, Sales Managers, Leaders, B2B and B2C Sales Organizations | Available in person or via virtual presentation.

Neuroscientists tell us we’ve created five times as much content in the last five years than in all of human history. Sorting through this avalanche of information, trying to figure out what you need to know and deciding what you can ignore is exhausting.

Our job as sales leaders is no longer to simply teach information to our sales teams; it’s to help them filter, assimilate, and apply that information to win deals on a consistent basis.

How do we engage today’s information-rich, tech savvy, distracted salespeople?

In this lively session, best-selling author and sales strategist, Shari Levitin reveals the four pillars required for a results-producing training and mentoring program, one that increases ROI, engages the learner and creates a culture of lifelong learning and development.

The passion, energy and commitment you put into your training process will be duplicated by your salespeople in the sales process!

This session will help you:

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to develop your training program, while increasing its effectiveness through the use of facilitated learning.
  • Leverage scientifically proven methods to increase your sales and decrease turnover.
  • Incorporate virtual learning, games and interactivity to put the fun back in your sales meetings.
  • Give your trainers tools to incorporate the four pillars and increase retention.
  • Offer breakthrough tips for one-on-one coaching and mentoring to get the most out of each employee.


Eduardo Bryant
Corporate Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Motivational Speaker, & Executive Coach , San Diego, CA

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