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Custom Consulting and Curriculum Design Created Specifically For Your Team

Shari Levitin Group can custom design a complete training program for your project, from new hire training to Top Gun high performance sessions, and deliver a turn-key sales or marketing training solution.
Experienced Shari Levitin Group consultants and designers will distill the essential elements of your unique project, including brand, competitive advantage, presentation steps and sales/marketing culture, then incorporate proven SLG distinctions and training methods. Your training curriculum will include some or all of the following:

  • Interactive and experiential exercises, role plays, case studies, games and contests
  • Student workbooks AND a teacher’s edition with tips, answers, timing guide and more
  • DVD video clips
  • Accompanying PowerPoint presentation
  • Handouts and other teaching aids
  • Virtual training modules to ensure repetition of key concepts

Shari Levitin Group trainers will co-facilitate sessions and train your trainers to ensure that the training competencies are effectively transferred and the full potential of the curriculum is realized again and again.


As a Leader, Manager, or Trainer, you hold the keys to the success of your team. Whether you’re developing a staff of three or three hundred, the Levitin Group three-day Showtime workshop will show you how to use those keys to unlock engaged, energetic performers who connect with your leadership and share your passion. Performance soars, your life becomes less stressful and everybody wins.
Showtime introduces you to dynamic techniques that instantly strengthen your leadership, inspire those around you and instill a passion to win. Simply put, attending Showtime! will help take you, and those who rely upon you, to new levels of success. Are you ready to build a cohesive, well trained and highly motivated team? Your team wants to believe, they want to perform and they want to make money. So let’s learn to challenge them, make them successful and give them the training experience they need to get there.
“It’s about coaching, it’s about learning new things and it’s about getting tools you can take home to put into practice, increase your efficiencies and make a direct impact to the bottom line.” Mark Carney – Royal Resorts

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We know that effective learning requires involvement: doing, saying, participating and discovering. Our seminars engage people with interactive exercises, games and contests, role playing and much more, combined with audio and visual multimedia, to provide the ultimate learning experience. Click here for a full description of our live seminars and training programs.

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